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WCS(Warehouse Control System)

WCS(Warehouse Control System)

WCS(Warehouse Control System) WCS is a storage equipment scheduling and control system between WMS system and equipment electromechanical control. Through integration and intelligent scheduling of various types of automatic material handling equipment, the system can realize the coordinated operation and orderly connection of multiple equipment, achieve the goal of less or unmanned production, and greatly improve the operation efficiency of production links.

WCS provides an excuse for interfacing with external systems (such as WMS), converts the management operation plan into the operation instruction format, and sends the inbound and outbound operation instructions of the corresponding storage location to the automation equipment. When WCS completes or fails to execute these instructions, it will provide feedback to the external system. Receive the operation mode, status information and alarm information of the automation equipment, and graphically display and monitor the interface dynamically.

Product features

• Intuitive visual monitoring

• Global optimal task allocation

• Dynamic planning optimal path

• Automatic and reasonable allocation of storage locations

• Operation analysis of key equipment

• Rich communication interfaces

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