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Panther Series Stacker Crane

Product Details


Product Analysis:

Name Code Standard value(mm)(detailed data is determined according to the project situation)
Cargo width W 400 ≤W ≤2000
Cargo depth D 500 ≤D ≤2000
Cargo height H 100 ≤H ≤2000
Total height GH 5000<GH ≤24000
Top ground rail end length F1, F2 Confirm according  to the specific plan
Outer width of stacker A1, A2 Confirm according  to the specific plan
Stacker distance from the end A3, A4 Confirm according  to the specific plan
Buffer safety distance A5 A5 ≥300  (polyurethane), A5 ≥ 100  (hydraulic buffer)
Buffer stroke PM PM ≥ 150  (polyurethane),  specific  calculation (hydraulic buffer)
Cargo platform Safety distance A6 ≥ 165
Ground rail end length B1, B2 Confirm according  to the specific plan
Stacker wheel distance M M=W+2700(W≥1300), M=4000(W<1300)
Ground rail offset S1 Confirm according  to the specific plan
Top rail offset S2 Confirm according  to the specific plan
Pickup itinerary S3 ≤3000
Bumper width W1 450
Aisle width W2 D+200(D≥1300),  1500(D<1300)
First floor height H1 Single deep H1 ≥700,  double deep H1 ≥800
Top level height H2 H2 ≥H+675(H≥1130), H2 ≥1800(H<1130)


Panther series double-column stacker crane is used to handle pallet materials, suitable for pallet storage systems under 1500kg and 25m. The operating speed of  the equipment can reach 240m/min and the acceleration is 0.6m/s2, which can meet  the operating environment requirements of continuous high throughput.
* Models: Single-deep and multi-deep models are available

• Pallet weights up to 1500 kg.

• Variable frequency drive motor (IE2), running smoothly.

• Fork units can be customized to handle a variety of loads.

• Models with a height of more than 30 meters can be customized according to requirements.

• The minimum height of the first floor: 700mm (single deep), 800mm (double deep); when the total height of the stacker crane is within 8 meters, 650mm (single deep), 750mm (double deep).

Applicable Industry:   cold chain storage (-25 degree)  , freezer warehouse , E-commerce , DC center , food and beverage , chemical , Pharmaceutical industry,automotive ,lithium battery Etc.

Project case:



Bracket Shelf Standard Shelf
Singledeep Double deep Singledeep Doubledeep
Maximum height limit GH 24m
Maximum load limit 1500kg
Walking speed max 180m/min
Walking acceleration 0.5m/s2
Lifting speed (m/min) Fullyloaded  45 45 45 45
No load 55 55 55 55
Lifting acceleration 0.5m/s2
Forkspeed(m/min) Fullyloaded 40 40 40 40
No load 60 60 60 60
Fork acceleration 0.5m/s2
Horizontal positioning accuracy ± 3mm
Lifting positioning accuracy ± 3mm
Fork positioning accuracy ± 3mm
Stacker crane net weight About About About About
11,500kg 12,000kg 11,5000kg 12,000kg
Load depth limit D 1000~1300( inclusive) 1000~1300( inclusive) 1000~1300(inclusive) 1000~1300(inclusive)
Load width limit W W ≤ 1300 (inclusive)
Motor specification and parameters Level AC; 22kw(single deep)/30kw (double deep); 3ψ; 380V
Rise AC;22kw;3 ψ ;380V
Fork AC;0.75kw;3ψ;4P;380V AC;2*3.3kw;3 ψ;4P;380V AC;0.75kw;3ψ;4P;380V AC;2*3.3kw;3ψ;4P;380V
Power supply Busbar(5P; including grounding)
Power supply specifications 3 ψ;380V±10%;50Hz
Power supply capacity Single deep is about 44kw; double deep is about 52kw
Top ground rail specifications Angle steel  100*100*10mm(The installation distance of the ceiling rail is not more than 1300mm)
Top rail offset S2 +185mm
Ground rail specifications 38kg/m
Ground rail offset S1 -290mm
Operating temperature -5 ℃~40℃
Operating humidity Below 85%, no condensation
Safety  devices Prevent walking derailment: laser sensor, limit switch, hydraulic buffer
Prevent lifts from topping or bottoming: laser sensors, limit switches, buffers
Emergency stop function: emergency stop button
EMSSafety brake system: electromagnetic brake system with monitoring function Broken rope (chain), loose rope (chain)detection: sensor, clamping mechanism Cargo position detection function, fork center inspection sensor, fork torque limit protection Cargo anti-fall device: cargo shape detection sensor Ladder, safety rope or safety cage

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