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About Us

The development strategy for Nanjing Inform Storage Equipment (Group) Co., Ltd. is Racking (core business) + Automatic System Integration (strategic business) + Warehouse Operation Service (growing business)

As the core business of Inform Storage, our racking business will always select qualified material strictly, apply advanced technology, control cost with its unique efficiency, and finally to maximizes its customers’ benefits.

By setting automatic system integration as its strategic business, Inform Storage will continuously enrich its automatic products, improve the idea of Racking+Robot=Solutions for Automated warehouse supplies system, provide smarter storage solution with higher efficiency by applying our own advanced technologies, which include shuttle carrier system, four-way shuttle technology , mini-load shuttle technology, GTP pick station system, WMS (Warehouse Management System), WCS(Warehouse Control System). We have successfully handled over 10,000 automatic projects of logistics and warehousing, and won praises and applauses from many international groups, like Volkswagen, Yili, Suning, VIPSHOP, Dangdang, Xi’ an Metro. Our products have promising market shares both home and abroad.

By setting warehouse operation service as its growing business, Inform Storage will quicken its process in business layout with its projects settled down one by one. This field covers cold-chain industry, garment industry, auto parts market, and cross-border e-commerce. To guarantee its operation and service a steady progress, Inform Storage sets its business mode as direct investment+ joint with direct customers to establish an asset-light company. Thus, it will obtain service profits, drive its sales in automatic integration, and improve its integrated technology.

Tomorrow, Inform Storage will develop internally and externally by focusing on its strategic business and growing business. Therefore, Inform Storage will face growing needs in investment and acquisition, together with that of operation funds in daily production. It must enrich its capital stock to widen its financing channels, strengthen its capability to raise funds, and improve its overall competitiveness in business, and quicken the pace to achieve its development strategy.