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Boltless Shelving

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Product Analysis

Racking type: Boltless shelving
Material: Q235 Steel Certificate CE, ISO
Size: Height: ≤3000mmWidth: ≤2000mmDepth: ≤600mm Loading: 50-150kg/level
Surface treatment: powder coating/galvanized Color: RAL color code
Pitch 50mm Place of origin Nanjing, China
Application: shopping mall, supermarket, enterprise warehouse and public institution

①Easy assembly
Boltless shelving, as its names, requires no bolt in the whole shelving system. It can be easily assembled just with a rubber mallet. Compared with bolt&nut connected shelving type, it saves much time on assembly and disassembly.

② Low cost
The components of boltless shelving are very simple, like upright, beam, side bracket and metal panel, so it's quite cost-effective. In addition to the main components, there are other accessories for option, such as: side mesh, back mesh, side cladding, back cladding, divider, portal tie and etc.

③ Safe and reliable, easy extension
◆Structured by the simple components, boltless shelving is a safe and reliable unit, adapted to various application.
◆According to different storage situation, additional units can be easily added for more depth or width. Only small size of aisles are required for people going through, that is able to make full use of warehouse space.
◆Besides of regular 2-post boltless shelving unit, Inform also provide 3-post shelving unit, that satisfies the requirements of long depth, and cost is much lower than back-to-back design.

④ 4-sides access
Boltless shelving "frame" is assembled by upright and side support, without any H bracing and D bracing, that allows unobstructed access from the all four sides. It makes the cargo storage and picking efficient and fast.

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